ECFD workshop, 5th edition, 2022

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ECFD5 workshop logo.
  • Event from 23th to 28th of January 2022
  • Location: Centre Bonséjour, Merville-Franceville, near Caen (14)
  • Two types of sessions:
    • common technical presentations: roadmaps, specific points.
    • mini-workshops. Potential workshops are listed below.
  • Free of charge
  • More than 50 participants from academics (CERFACS, CORIA, IMAG, LEGI, EM2C, UMONS, UVM, VUB, UCL, TUDelft), HPC center/experts (GENCI, AMD, CINES, CRIANN) and industry (Safran, Ariane Group, Siemens-Gamesa).
  • Objectives
    • Bring together experts in high-performance computing, applied mathematics and multi-physics CFDs
    • Identify the technological barriers of exaflopic CFD via numerical experiments
    • Identify industrial needs and challenges in high-performance computing
    • Propose action plans to add to the development roadmaps of the CFD codes


  • 03/11/2021: First announcement of the 5th Extreme CFD Workshop & Hackathon !

Banniere ECFD5 sponso.png

  • 13/01/2022: After discussions with the participants, the 5th Extreme CFD Workshop & Hackathon is maintained as an in-person event! It will be also possible to attend to the plenary sessions and participate remotely to the workshop.
  • 14/01/2022: The ECFD5 program is online! The plenary sessions will be announced soon!


ECFD5 program.png

Thematics / Mini-workshops

These mini-workshops may change and cover more or less topics. This page will be adapted according to your feedback.

Combustion - K. Bioche, VUB

Static and dynamic mesh adaptation - G. Balarac, LEGI

Multi-phase flows - M. Cailler, SAFRAN TECH

Numerics - G. Lartigue, CORIA

Turbulent flows - P. Bénard, CORIA

Compressible - L. Bricteux, UMONS

User experience - J. Leparoux, SAFRAN TECH

Hackathon - G. Staffelbach, CERFACS